January Product Spotlight: Scott C-3 Clamps

This month’s product spotlight is for the Scott C-3 clamp. The C-Series clamps, engineered by Scott Testing Equipment decades ago and still manufactured by PTES, are a widely used clamping system in the rubber and elastomers industry.

Set Of C-3 Mechanical Clamps

Set Of C-3 Mechanical Clamps

C-Series clamps were engineered for use on rubber and rubber like materials, rubber dumbbell or “dog bone” samples and other elastic materials. Their compact yet durable body design allows for installation on virtually any materials testing equipment, from old Scott mechanical tensile testers to the latest electronic materials testing equipment.

The C-3 clamps have several key features making it ideal for rubber and rubber like materials:

  • Large 1 1/8″ long knurled roller provides a large gripping surface for dumbbell samples of just about every size, 1″ strips for peel testing, etc
  • Self-tightening lever action locks down on samples as thick as 5/8″ and self-tightens as the sample stretches and becomes thinner, preventing sample slippage.
  • Knurled section on inside of body provides additional gripping surface for extremely slippery materials or materials with high elongation.
  • Each clamp weighs approximately 1 lb, light enough to be mounted on just about any test frame, and is rated for forces up to 75 lbs.

The C-3 clamp is a highly versatile clamp with a variety of uses for testing of rubber products and other materials.

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