PTES manufactures a wide variety of fixtures for use in applications in virtually every industry.

  • Burst Testing
  • Toughness And Tenacity
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Peel Testing
  • Deflection / Bend Testing
  • Tear Testing



PTES offers several mechanical and air-actuate burst designs for a wide variety of applications.

The Scott “W” Ball Burst Fixture (pictured) was one of the first burst fixtures in wide use for knits, fabrics, leather, paper, foil and other products. This product conforms to a wide variety of standards, including ASTM D-231, ASTM D-1117.

PTES air-actuated designs also conform to many ASTM standards and are used in a wide variety of medical applications such as the testing of membranes, meshes and other products.

Scott Model "W" Ball Burst Fixture



PTES offers many adhesion and peel testing fixtures, from the classic Lord Adhesion fixture used in ASTM D-429 and other standards to custom designed table top designs for peel testing at 90 deg, 180 degree and other angles.

PTES custom designs many fixtures in this category as well for customers with unique requirements or test set up constraints.

Lord Adhesion Fixture



PTES makes numerous deflection and bend test fixtures for use in testing ceiling tiles, boards, fiberglass, plastics and other specimens.

The traditional Scott Deflection Fixture, originally designed for US Government Specifications LLL-F-321b and LLL-F-311, has wide application today in a variety of test procedures. The ability to change the span distances allows for great versatility with various procedural guidelines and product types.

Deflection Fixture

Tear Testing

PTES offers a full line of mechanical and electronic Elmendorf Tear Testers, weights and other accessories through its partnerships with various leading manufacturers. Tear testers are in wide use in the textile and fabric industries under a variety of ASTM standards such as ASTM D295, ASTM D752, ASTM D1424 and ASTM D1922.

Elmendorf ProTear Tear Tester

Other Fixtures And Dies

PTES manufactures a wide variety of other fixtures in use in many industries such as toughness and tenacity fixtures (for asphalts and bituminous materials covered in ASTM D5801, pictured below), auxiliary pretension fixtures for seam slippage testing (ASTM D434), ASTM certified cutting dies, compression cages and plates for various destructive tests, wire stripping fixtures and much, much more.

ASTM D5801 Toughness And Tenacity Fixture





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