Scott Testing Equipment

Since the sale of the Scott Testing Company in 1971, PTES has manufactured, sold and serviced the entire line of Scott testers, clamps and fixtures. Even today, the Scott line of equipment is still in wide use in a variety of industries.

PTES continues to manufacture and sell replacement parts, clamping systems and fixtures for much of the Scott product line, including:

  • Mechanical testers from the DH, L, J and X product lines
  • Mooney and viscometer testers from the NBS, GSV and STI product lines
  • Many other clamps and fixtures

Many popular parts are in stock and ready to ship. PTES is one of the few companies that still maintains the original castings and blueprints for continued production of these parts and accessories.


Repairs And Conversions

Few companies still have the experience, technical data and fixturing to properly complete repairs and preventative maintenance on Scott Equipment. PTES offers a full range of services for repairing, updating and servicing the Scott line of equipment, both on-site and in our facilities.

Mechanical testers require proper maintenance to operate properly and deliver accurate results. PTES ensures our customers can extend the life cycles of their existing equipment and still obtain accurate and dependable results from their machines. Click this link for more information.





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