Calibration Services

Maintaining a consistent service and calibration system is an integral part of any quality control program. Completing preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled calibrations will ensure your equipment functions properly and your company’s products maintain your highest quality standards.

PTES provides preventative maintenance and calibration services on wide range of equipment, including:

  • Tensile/Compression Testers (Mechanical/Hydraulic/Electronic)
  • Scales/Balances
  • Rheometers/Viscometers/Mooney/NBS
  • Texture Analyzers/Tear Testers
  • Plastometers
  • Digital Conversions

Our technicians have decades of experience completing maintenance and verifications to standards developed from the ASTM, NIST and other nationally accredited organizations. No matter what type of machine you own, what manufacturer made it or how old it is PTES will ensure you continue to get accurate, dependable results.


Custom Clamp And Fixture Design

Materials properties testing is completed in a wide variety of industries, including metal, wire, cable, rope, twine, yarn, textiles, fabrics, rubber and other products. With all these applications, the ASTM, NIST and other agencies have developed thousands of procedures for testing of these properties.

PTES recognizes that its customer’s needs are highly specialized and rarely does an “off the shelf” solution meet their exact needs. PTES is capable of modifying its main product offerings with a variety of options or, if needed, even design a prototype for the exact requirements of the project.


Digital Conversions

The latest technologies available for materials properties testing are capable of an incredible array of functions – but they can be expensive. For many years PTES has offered customers with legacy mechanical testers from Scott and other manufacturers the opportunity to upgrade their equipment to digital weighing systems and displays.

Converting mechanical testers to a digital system provides our customers a very low cost way to take advantage of the benefits of new digital technology, including:

  • Improved Safety And Durability
  • Improved Resolution And Accuracy
  • Improved Consistency And Repeatability

Converting your equipment saves budget dollars, extends the life of assets and can help lower production costs through improved resolution and ease of use.




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