Mechanical Clamping Systems

PTES manufactures a full line of mechanical clamps for use in virtually every industry, such as textiles, fabrics, wire, medical materials, cord, rope, twine and rubber products. PTES even custom builds clamps to meet the particular needs of its customers. Send PTES some samples and we will make a clamp recommendation that meets your exact needs.


Scott “A” Series Clamps

The Scott “A” series clamps (like the A-1 pictured) are a popular mechanical clamp for testing fabrics, paper, film, leather, cloth, tape, webbing and other similar materials. A variety of anvil choices allows for further customization. The A-5 clamps (also pictured below) add forward of center gripping, which creates added grip pressure, and 1×2 anvils for more grip surface in the direction of the test.

A-1 Mechanical Clamp

A-5 Clamp


Scott “C” Series Clamps

The Scott “C” series clamps (like the C-1 pictured) are in wide use for testing rubbers and elastomers, dumbbell samples and other high elongation materials. The self-tightening action ensures the sample stays in place for accurate results. The C-3 clamp adds a knurled gripping surface to the body of the clamp for added grip on slippery materials.

C-1 Self Tightening Clamp


Scott “Z” Series Clamps

The Scott “Z” series was originally designed by the Gas Defense Service and the American Chemical Society for testing gums, stocks and other rubber-like materials. The self  tightening rollers help ensure the sample does not move during testing as its diameter shrinks.

Z-1 Roller Clamp


Bureau Of Standards

Specifically designed by the National Bureau Of Standards as outlined in Research Paper RP-1204, these clamps are in wide use for testing rubber materials in flat and tubular form, such as plastic wire jackets and rubber dumbbell samples. The self-tightening toggle action allows for use with a wide variety of diameters, making them an extremely versatile clamp, particularly in the wire industry.

Bureau Of Standards Clamp


Scott “Ring Test Spools”

An extremely popular clamp for decades, the Ring Test Spools were developed specifically for round looped rubber products like o-rings, elastics and other ring shaped samples. A variety of spool sizes allows for use with a wide variety of sample diameters.

Ring Test Spools


Low Capacity / Special Purpose Clamps

Scott designed a wide variety of grips for small diameter, low tensile strength items like thread, fine wire, precious metals, cords, sutures and other products. The Fletcher line (pictured), the Callaway line, the “X” series and several others cover most industry applications.

Fletcher Yarn Clamp


Scott “Spino/Jute” Series Clamps

Scott designed two lines of heavier capacity clamps for a variety of wire products (Jute Cord pictured). These clamps have a self-tightening lever action that holds products with higher tensile strengths of various diameters.

Jute Cord Clamp



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